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You’re on the right track. Because you are here.

Maybe you have financial goals. Or maybe not (yet). Either way, that’s where we come in.  While financial planning is a work-in-progress, PlanSmart Financial Wellness makes it easy to take the next step. Whether you already have financial goals or want to set them, we’re here for you.

How it works

Whether you’ve got financial goals in place, or are thinking about setting some, PlanSmart Financial Wellness helps makes it easy to start, easy to plan, and easier to achieve your financial goals. The program is completely confidential – your personal information stays between you and your planner, and won’t be shared with your company.

Access your way
Access your way
  • Three convenient ways for you to get financial guidance -- online, on the phone, and in person
  • Arrange phone consultations to answer any and all questions you may have about your finances
  • Attend in person workshops on topics ranging from taxes, to company benefits, to retirement
  • Access budget worksheets, educational financial articles and videos for every life stage, wherever you are
Identify your goals
Identify your goals
  • Set goals with personalized plans that fit your and your family's needs, like planning for retirement and paying off debt
  • Or ask a professional to help you get started.  Answering just a few questions can get you well on your way. Get even more valuable insights online by Linking your personal accounts so progress can be easily tracked all in one place
Stay the course with expert advice
Stay the course with professional
  • Receive recommendations on new goals and things to consider as your life changes
  • Stay on track with the help of reminders and planner check-ins
  • Build healthy habits through one-on-one coaching

A new benefit that helps you achieve your financial goals
with expert coaching, how you want, when you want, that’s secure and confidential

MetLife administers the PlanSmart Financial Wellness program, but has arranged for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) to have specially-trained financial professionals offer in-person financial education and, upon request, provide personal guidance to employees and former employees of companies providing the program through MetLife. Guidance and coaching online and by phone is provided by trained and credentialed financial planners through our alliance with EY (Ernst & Young LLP).